Attached Ones (定着せし者)
Members Race
Any Race
Place of Origin
Boundary World
Notable Members

Attached Ones(定着せし者) are a class of people from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa.


A regular person living in the Boundary of Worlds is usually sorted as an “Attached Ones”. They are being that become conformed to their ordinary life routines in the boundary of worlds and become attached to it. An attached one usually has only the basic knowledge about himself and the world, but there are some cases where they keep some memories of those very dear to them in their previous lives (like Rico or RE-Xe-LD). They are not able to keep more them a few days of new memories as they are always trapped on a constant loop. Since they never age and because there is no calendar system in the Boundary of worlds, it’s very difficult for them to notice anything wrong. It’s believed that the monsters in this world are created unconsciously by the Attached ones when they have too many negative emotions like grudge, doubts, insecurities, fear and others. That’s why there is much concern from Byakuya to decrease the number of Attached Ones as fast as possible.

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