Barbarya (バルバーリア, 紫紺の蛇刀)


Created by
Unknown (someone in the Colorless Faction
Used by
Mana drain, automatic attack, multiple attacks

Barbarya (バルバーリア, 紫紺の蛇刀, shikon no jyagatana, bluish purple snake blade) is a magical sword that appears in the Light novel “Inherited Flames”.


Barbarya is a replica of the magical sword Shartos used by the main character from Summon Night 3. Its creator is unknown but it is speculated that Wizell Caliburn made it, since the wielder mentions to have been defeated by him in the past. It is also possible it was made by using the old data from the original project in the Forsaken Island.


Different from the original, the transformation it causes in the user is not of a wolf like creature but something more close to a snake monster. Its abilities also greatly differs from the seal blades as it doesn’t give unlimited Mana for the wielder, but can drain Mana from enemies instead. Its hilt is also able to do an attack exclusive to the replica by creating many snakes that attack the opponent automatically and can also drain Mana.


  • It would make no sense if Wizell were the blacksmith responsible for Barbarya, since he created a much weaker weapon called Summonite Sword after the events surrounding Barbarya, and by fearing the Summonite Sword’s power, he left the Colorless Faction. It would be weird if he created this much more powerful sword before this event and continued to work for the faction.
  • It's interesting to notice how this sword has almost nothing similar to the original seal swords, even though it was based on them.

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