Black Root of Sin
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Black Root of Sin(黒き源罪, Kuroki Kasura) is a technique in the game Summon Night 2.


This is a technique used by an unknown demon centuries before the story in the second game. This technique consists of a demon spreading microscopic parts of himself through the air, forming something like a black wind. Those parts are filled with the demon’s evil intentions, when those parts come in contact with humans; it makes them fell into madness. At first, they just turn to be easily carried away by their inner emotions and instincts, but eventually they become unstoppable monsters filled with anger and greed (much like a berserker). Since this technique is executed by tearing the demon’s body apart, the user obviously dies, but this is just temporally, since each little fragment of the demon used in the technique is filled with his spirit as well, he is able to use this to resurrect in the body of one of the infected humans in the future. Melgitos tells that this technique was responsible for the first wars in the planet.

In The Game

After the final battle, When Melgitos was already in his final moments, he tries to use this in a desperate attempt to survive and still win against the heroes.

In the beast partners ending, he is defeated, but his plan to resurrect later by using this technique is a success. Therefore, the heroes begin to train every day so they can completely defeat him next time.

In the canon ending, Melgitos completely fails when one of the protagonist’s friends sacrifices him/herself to transform into a Giant Tree that purified every little piece of him.


  • According to Melgitos, the first time it was used was during the time when Lyndbaum was still called “paradise”, this was before the first King of Elgo, this is also in the era where the Clesment clan was still active, so the demon that used could have been Melgitos himself.