Berg (ベルグ, Berugu), renamed Blaire in the Atlus localization, is often referred to as "Master" by the main protagonists, and a good friend of Graham Colthearts. After the passing away of Graham, Blaire took his child into his care and trains him/her as a craftknight. Blaire is the leader of the craftknights in Cliff Village. He will sometimes motivate the protagonists and give them advice. Blaire is very serious about the subject of weapon forging.


Blaire was a close friend of the main character's father, Graham Colthearts. Blaire is the leader of the craftknights in Cliff, and was one of the people who fought against Guren when he tried to revive Goura many years before the game takes place. Blaire lost his wife in this conflict, and has raised his two children, Orin and Tatiana, as well as Graham's child on his own.


When the player first encounters his/her guardian beast, Blaire convinces the guardian beast to trust humans and serve the player as his/her guardian beast. Near the beginning of the game, he gets cursed by Goura and remains sick for most part of the game. throughout the game, he will speak to the player on several occasions, and will sometimes need the player to help treat his illness. Near the end of the game, the player fights Blaire in order to gain passage to Goura's gate and rescue Orin and Tatiana.


Blaire uses an axe type weapon, which is very slow. A knuckle type weapon should be fast enough to defeat Blaire fairly easily. A sword is a good choice as well, as it is fast as well as having close to the same range as an axe. Blaire can heal himself and uses spin attack, which the player should try to block.


"A hammer not only forges weapons. It forges a man/woman!"