Boundary World (界の狭間)

SNEX-Boundary World02

Every Race existing in the Summon Night universe
The Boundary between dreams and reality.

The Boundary of Worlds (界の狭間, kai no hazama) is a world from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa.


A world full of life, it has a great variety of environments, making it possible to support many different types of lives. There is no night time, making difficult to feel the flow of time, for this reason, there is no calendar system neither.


There are many different villages and cities, some are more created based in one of the worlds connected with Lyndbaum, being a place more appropriated for race from a specific world.

Population & Culture

There’s every kind of race existing in the Summon Night universe, even robots (since they can obtain a soul once they develop an ego). They never get old but they can die, however, dying on this world means to get its own soul erased from existence. When a person first appears in the boundary of worlds, they lose almost every memory they had from their lives in the physical world, keeping only a basic level of knowledge about themselves. There are many kinds of cultures but almost no signs of people developing it. They don’t try to share or spread their knowledge or costumes. They never try to create anything new neither. There are almost no conflicts between races or groups (except Byakuya’s battles against Vexar and Linear), however, there are monsters with no consciences that attack people sometimes. It is said that those monsters appears when the population have too many negative feelings. There is no slavery or discrimination so every type of creature runs freely in the cities, even demons. The population also seems to enjoy simple lives as there are no rich people. There are no kings, presidents or any kind of ruler.

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