Branryuzell (ブランリュゼール)


Created by
Rexx or Aty (?)
Used by
Rexx or Aty
Magical Barrier, body transformation

Branryuzell (ブランリュゼール, buranryuzeru) is a magical sword from Summon Night 5. It is also known as The Unshakable Dawn (揺るぎなき曙光, yuruginaki shokou).


Branryuzell is the result of the combination of 3 magical swords: Wistalias, Fowyardia and Verdegruion. It is formed and used by the great principal from Savorle School to create a giant barrier around the entire island. It releases a white light while its powers are being used. Like other magical swords, it makes the user's body transform to a form similar to a half-beast. Its origin and other powers are still unknown.

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