Byron (ビョーン, Byōn) is one of the minor characters of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. He first appears in the Subterranean Bay as an awry treasure-hunter who conflicts with Sarin and the protagonist for the treasure. He has his own standards, however, and will not claim his bounty and simply run away (or in his own words, doesn't want to face the consequences of dangerous traps), but as determined as any treasure-hunter there is, he may even go as far as crossdressing (much to Sarin's disgust when they start dating) to gain a stepping stone to his goal. In the end, Byron falls head-over-heels for Sarin when she finally transforms into a human.

After Sarin and Byron are finally together at the end of the Subterranean Bay arc, she occasionally is part of the sidequests the player can choose to accomplish. In these sidequests, Sarin and Byron face the problems of their relationship over the most mundane reasons and have the player solve the conflict almost every time.



  • Byron claims he is capable of fighting, and says it directly to the protagonist. However, there is no proof that he has the ability to battle.

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