SN5W (91)

Chapter 0 A Dream of the Beginning (始じまりの夢The Beginning)

Choosing your Cross

 This game starts at Chapter 0. This chapter has no actual gameplay. However, you have to make a important decision: Choose your partner (Cross)


The Main Character’s (MC) friend Ghift get lost in the woods so he/she asks for the help of a summoner: Erst (Ghift’s older brother), when they find Ghift they are attacked by some unknown creatures and the MC fall in a portal in the ground where he/she gets attacked by the same creatures from before. It’s when he/she gets saved by a mysterious light. To show his/her appreciation, the MC decides to give a gift to his/her savior. After receiving the gift, the light get a physical form.   

「えーっと (Let’s see...)

  • かっこいいマフラー (A cool scarf): Dyth
  • かっこいいバンダナ (A cool bandana): Kagerou
  • かわいい花かざり (A cute flower hairpin): Spinel
  • かわいいハンカチ (A cute handkerchef): Pariet

After the event, you get Illustration Set 66 and 67

To Chapter 01

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