Clesea Kamishiro (クレシア・カミシロ/上代)


Executive, Principal's representative
Association of Pacts, Savorle Resonance School
Lyndbaum, Savorle City
Voice Actress
Kayano Ai

"It's really a pain to also having to cover for the responsibility of that person..."

— Clesea

Clesea Kamishiro (クレシア・カミシロ/上代, Kureshia Kamishiro) is a character from Summon Night 5.


She is a very responsible person. Usually keeps a good humor and a bright expression on her face, even when she is complaining.


Clesea is Ruelly's older sister and a descendent from the Nagimiya City. She is such a competent worker that she became a executive working for the Association of Pacts since young age, thus she doesn't actually work for the Savorle School. However, since the actual principal (an archangel that never makes an appearance) was at a business trip, she was manipulated to work as a substitute in the place of the Great Principal, that is always running from work to go fishing. It could be said she is being bullied for receiving a lot of jobs that no one wants to do all the time, but she is such a good person that she accepts everything open heartedly. Even though she never refuses any of the works that are forced on her, she does complains a little.


She first appear in the game when she asks the protagonist to become a fellow substitute like her by teaching history to her sister's classroom in the place of the teacher Domilton (who caught a cold when he slipped in a lake while trying to retrieve his hat). She later appears in a event where Torque is demanding his master's hammer that is being keep in the school treasure room. However, she refuses for unknown reasons at the time, later revealing it was a order given by the Great Principal. She knows the Great Principal just too well and can even anticipate any order, for instance, she had already prepared the hammer for Torque, since she knew the it would be given to him anyway.


  • Through the entire game, There is no event where she does her real job as an executive for the Association of Pacts.


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