Crimson Chain (真紅の鎖)
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Medoh, Atsh, Accela & Veloty

The Crimson Chain (真紅の鎖, Shinku no Kusari) is a group from Summon Night 5 game.


The Crimson Chain is the name of a criminal organization, existing in the Astreiz Era from the Summon Night Universe. They are a group formed by old member from the Crimson Gloves, but not working only as an assassin's guild, looking more like a Mafia group instead. They are the main enemy force against the heroes during the first half of the game. They operate in many different territories around Lyndbaum and expand their domain during the events of Summon Night 5 by creating a branch on Savorle City. They wear mafia-like suits as their uniform. The leader operating in the Savorle branch is Meadow, a Maetropa Phantom Beast. To not let many clues with their names, they mostly offer their services to other criminals. Lending them resources like weapons, soldiers, hideouts and many more. By doing this it's the client's group that gets wanted by the law while their involvement with the crime takes too long to be known by others, since they are very good at erasing their tracks.


  • The signs of co-existence between the different worlds can still be seen, even in this group of outlaws, where their leader is a Phantom Beast but humans also get important roles as well.


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