Crissles, Crimson Tyrant (キルスレス, 紅の暴君)


Created by
Unknown (someone in the Colorless Faction
Used by
Ishlar, students
Regeneration, Physical and Magical Boost, Control Krips

Crissles is the magical sword used by the antagonist of Summon Night 3.


Crissles (Crimson Tyrant)

Much like Shartos, it was made as a replica of the King of Elgo Sword. It true purpose lies in the Forsaken Island ruins, as it would function as a control device to the Krips – The Technology to control god. It is used by Ishlar, and with it he destroys Shartos. However, Shartos revive as Wistalias and using it, the main character is able to destroy Crissles.

Fowyardia (Immortal Flames)

At sometime after the fight against DE-Elgo, Wizell Caliburn re-forged the pieces of Crissles to create this orange sword. It keeps Crissles original powers, but its very difficult to be activated.


Crissles powers are the same as it twin: Great Mana and Physical boost and instantly cure. However, combined with Ishlar’s curse, its cure powers become stronger, since they compensate for the down side in the curse’s effects. Making Ishlar immortal while holding it. In addition to the same transformation caused by Shartos, there’s an extra effect in Ishlar as it makes his collar flout.


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