Dylan Will Delteana (ディラン・ウィル・デルティアナ, Diran Uiru Derutiana) is the main male protagonist from Summon Night X: Tears Crown


Young Dylan

Young Dylan

Dylan is the prince from the Delteana Empire. When he was young, he was exchanged with Celestia Kingdom's prince Noin in order to ensure peace between both kingdoms. However, 10 years later, after returning to their own kingdoms, this peace was shattered by his own father.


After his father and Prince Noin invade Celestia, he decides to stop his menace at all costs.


Dylan is a melee character. He wields swords and is unable to equip robes. He is an average character with all-around base stats. When the gauge in the upper screen fills, he can do a special attack with another party member:

  1. "Holy Knight"
  2. "Holy Love"
  1. "Kamaitachi no Kiri"
  2. "Duel Knight"
  1. "MuMu Strike"
  2. "Shining MuMu"
  1. "Mugen no Tobira"
  1. "Megami Kick"
  1. "Great Typhoon"
  1. "Grand Crits"
  1. "Magic Kiss"
  1. "Undershot"


Battle Quotes:

  • "Yosh! Ikusou!
  • "Yosh! Yattaze!"


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