The Endless Halls (無限界廊, mugen kairou) is a special stage in the Summon Night series. First appering in Summon Night 2.


This is said to be a secret technique passed by the original King of Elgo, passed only to Mei-Mei, therefore, she is the only one capable to open the gates to the Halls. It’s a place that exist only for the purpose of training, but it’s a very dangerous and unstable place, since it can also accidently connect with others worlds, bringing unwanted visitors (Like in Summon Night 4, where it temporally connects to the Boundary of Worlds). One of the most important conditions to do this ritual is to have access to the Fountain of Youth, since its gate and fill of Mana with connections to all five worlds is vital. Using the Mana in the fountain as a basis, it’s possible to create a type of fake world filled with warriors, those warriors are made based in many warrior whose Mana was washed by the fountain, they are like shadows and don’t have personalities. The hall is divided into many different floors, becoming harder and harder in each next floor.

In The Game

This is the place where the most difficult battles in the game can be fought. There are always good items and a ton of EXP received at the end of each battle and the rare enemies will generally drop the strongest weapons in the game or a super rare image file. This is also where the ultimate Summons can be found, hiding in the items obtained here. Completing all battles will earn the player a special prize from the Hall guardian.


  • Even through Mei-Mei is very clear about the necessity of the Fountain of Youth, Shaomei do the ritual without any kind of equivalent anyway.

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