Eucross (ユクロス)


mostly humans
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Folth, Arca, Souken, Cyda, Calis

The Eucross Bureau(ユクロス, yukurosu), also known as “Outer World Mediation Bureau” (異世界調停機構, isekai choutei kikou) is a group from the Astreiz era of the Summon Night world.


In the end of the World Warp War, with Summoners losing their role in the world, their Factions were disbanded. However, many started to cry for helping during the trials to coexist, to answer their call a group of summoners assembled and they created this new organization. Therefore, new summon techniques were created to work by the laws of this new era, and a whole new program to learn them is needed for those that want to become official summoners. In other words, those who work as tuners for this new “resonance era” are the Eucross.


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