The Fountain of Youth(至源の泉, shigen no izumi) is a legendary fountain in the Summon Night universe.


The Original

This fountain is mentioned for the first time in the second game, it is said to exist somewhere in Zeram, probably inside the royal palace. It is one of the legacies created by the original King of Elgo. The nobility of Zeram has monopoly over it. Like the legend, its powers grant a body full of power and youth. Someone that spend his daily life using the water from this fountain will probably have a body eternally in its prime. This power comes from different sources of Mana that run through the water. Those Mana come from all different worlds connected with Lyndbaum. People belive that the water in the sea next to Zeram has left overs from this magic fountain, thus giving many advantages for their lives. Whatever this is true or not is unknown.


The Colorless Faction was made by people very close to the original King of Elgo, as such, he shared many of his techniques with them. Using one of those knowledge they created a copy of Zeram’s Fountain of Youth in the Island used as their test site. This version of the Fountain is as good as the original or even better.

Endless Halls

Those fountains have an abundance of Mana from every world in the Summon Night universe, not to mention that it need to always keep a portal to those other world partially open. Therefore, it’s possible to do a ritual to create a temporary dimension filled with ghosts warrior of those which the Mana in the fountain has going through (Mana is always going in circles). The result is a place full of powerful fighters from all five worlds. This domain is called “The Endless Halls”. This ritual is also said to be other legacy left by the King of Elgo, but it has to being confirmed. The only one know to be able to do this Ritual is Mei-Mei.


  • It’s possible that the effects in the Zeram’s fountain are getting weaker since King Sufort has a normal appearance for his age. However, it seems to be working properly with Exu.
  • It’s thanks to the fountain in the Forsaken Island that the main characters in Summon Night 3 are still alive 300 years later during Summon Night 5.

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