Freedom Knights(自由騎士団)
Members Race
mostly humans
Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Saint Kingdom
Notable Members
Lubaid, Ioth, Shamrock, Leid, Alba

Freedom Knights(自由騎士団, jiyuu kishidan) are a group in the Summon Night universe.


This group was created by the knight Shamrock from the Saint Kingdom and the black knight Lubaid from Degrea. Both had failed to protect the nobles they vowed loyalty to and during their travels, they saw many innocent people dying and could do nothing to help. After the battle against demons was over, they came up with the idea to create a order of knights who would fight not only for nobles but mostly for the common people. Not only that, but they wished not to be restrained by any barrier or jurisdiction. In other word, they wanted to work not for a specific kingdom, but for anyone everywhere. They idea was nobody took them seriously at first, but both entered in a royal tournament of the Saint Kingdom and fought each others in the finals, with Shamrock victory he asked the help and full support from the Saint Kingdom for their idea as a prize. After many years of negotiations between all different Kingdoms, they finally got the support they needed.

In Game

Unfortunately, They are never seem doing something significant in the series. During Summon Night 4, it is known that Lubaid and Ioth were on their way to a very important mission, but we never get more details than this. Since the Summon Night universe have skipped 300 years in Summon Night 5, the Freedom Knights probably will never be seeing again (except if there is a prequel in the future).


  • Their name meaning is not to be confused. They are not fighting to obtain freedom. The meaning for their name is that they are free to work as knights for everyone or everywhere.

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