Fuurai Town (風雷郷)


Silturn Colony, Youkai Town
Savorle City
Youkais, Dragons, Onis, Humans

Fuurai Town (風雷郷, fuurai kyou) is a location in the Savorle City existing during the Astreiz Era of the Summon Night universe.


Fuurai Town is a district inside Savorle City. It acts as a colony for the people from Silturn, where they can live free enjoying a environment very close to the one found on their homeland. One of the town's main attractions are the streets filled with many famous Tea-houses. Other notable place is the doujo owned by the Oni God Raijin.


  • Fuurai Town is the only colony in Savorle City to have the same name as its equivalent from the Forsaken Island. The only diference is in the classification for the place. The Fuurai on Savorle is a Town (郷, kyou) while the one found in the island is a village (郷, sato). However, even the kanji used for this classification is the same.


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