Gallahan (ギャラハン, Gyarahan) is one of the supporting characters of Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi. A retired Craftknight. Acquainted with Tram, he serves as a resident of and owns a merchandising store with a an isolated village which houses the history of Murno's pendant. Due to a misunderstanding due to Anise's scheming, both Gallahan and Tram side with the latter and imprison the protagonist. The next day, Gallahan visits the imprisoned protagonist and has them craft a weapon to prove themselves that they are innocent, which Gallahan is very convinced with since then, and uses this proof to convince Tram to imprison Anise instead. Following this, Gallahan becomes close friends with Murno and the protagonist, and is saddened to see them go and leave Gallahan's village on their way back to Prosban city.

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