Gaudi (ガウディ)


Male Personality
Mechanical Soldier
Voice Actor
Sugita Tomokazu

"I will operate to the limits of my capabilities to support you as your Cross"

— Gaudi

Gaudi (ガウディ) is a character from Summon Night 5.


When dealing with other people, he normally acts as a emotionless machine, like any other Mechanical Soldier. However, when next to Erst, he talks more freely and even jokes around.


Gaudi was appinted as Erst partner when they started to work for Eucross, however, they did not got along well at first. it was only much later that the two became really good friends forming a Cross pact between them.


He was very proud for working together with a admirable person such as Erst. However, during a incident in the dark wood of Erst's homeland, he was called to search for Ghift - Erst's little brother - who had gone missing. After they found Ghift, a suddenly attack from a mysterious force set them apart. Erst got infected by one of those creatures and his consciousness was being consumed. To help his friend, Gaudi transformed into a armor and covered Erst to slow down the progress of the infection. The properties of the creatures made them fuse into one single being and they began to share a single consciousness. Since Then, They often refer to themselves in the plural form. Like when they meet with the main character again, they say: "You are or weakness". Even so, they still attend by the name of Erst.


  • When Gaudi makes a fusion with Erst, they voices do an echo effect to give the impression that they kept each of their voices while combined (like the fusion warrior from Dragon Ball Z), even though Erst and Gaudi share the same voice actor.
  • According to the special illustration book with the first press of the game, Gaudi is a stroger customized version of Raizer from the past games.


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