— Geroppa

Geroppa (ゲロッパ) is a minor NPC from Summon Night 5.


Geroppa is a low-level mimic demon. He is a familiar for the humanoid demon known as "the Owner". He works in the Item Shop inside the Cafe & Bar owned by its Master. He has the important role to guard the Owner's most precious items, keeping them safe inside himself.


During the Nether Beasts attack, he shows that he was also trained for battle purpose, being able to use his deepless stomach to consume enemies.


  • Mimic demons would usually be able to take many other forms, but Geroppa is always in the form of a treasure chest because, in RPGs, this is the only form they take. It's actually unknown if Geroppa can take other forms.
  • The name "Geroppa" comes from the way japaneses pronounce the English word "Get Up".


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