Gibun Wordein(ギブン・ウォーデン)


Yellow Faction
Summon Affinity

Gibun Wordein(ギブン・ウォーデン, gibun uooden)  is a character that appeared only in the light novel "Summon Night ~ To The Place Where You Should Return".


Very prideful and arrogant, but also very coward and hysteric when things don't go his way.


Gibun has very pride for being born as the third son of the noble Wordein family. He had talent but his personality was a problem.


Trying to prove himself, he decided to hire mercenaries from the Crimson Gloves to get back the legendary Pale Wyvern that his family had lost on a duel against their rivals: The Mahn family. Hearing the pendant with the Wyvern's summonite was with the little daughter of the Mahn's leader, he hurried and captured her in Seijent city. What he wasn't expecting was that the child had made friends with the Flat - a local gang. Gibun used his best summon Mirrorheiz to help Zelgad - the one commanding the Crimson Gloves. However, Minis was able to complete the pact with the Wyvern and attacked Gibun's summon together with her friend Hayato. Having no hope of victory, Gibun tried to ran away, but he got surrounded by Minis and her uncles. They forced Gibun to apologise for everything and he never tried to anything against Minis or her family ever again.

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