Guardian Dragon (守護竜, shugoryu)

SN4-Solstice Dragon2

Solstice Dragon

The Guardian Dragon (守護竜, shugoryu) is a NPC in Summon Night 4.


Even being one of the strongest creatures in the world, this Solstice Dragon hated battles. Even when demons invaded his world and started a horrible war, he did not fight. He made an alliance with a High Fairy that also hated violence and the two combined their powers to create a magical castle where they could protect their friends from harm and even escape to other worlds as a last resort. This castle was named “Lawsburg”. They attracted many new allies from other worlds like Silturn and Sapureth, they joined in to help protect the castle.

Time passed and the war only got worse. With no other option the dragon used the power of Lawsburg to escape to Lyndbaum. They would not be welcomed and would probably be treated like slaves of enemies, knowing about that, the dragon vowed to protect everyone in the castle, no matter what. Since them, everyone started to refer to the dragon as the “Guardian Dragon”.

Many generations later, the guardian dragon received two important visits on the same day: A peculiar visitor asked the dragon to share its blood so he could save his daughter that was destroying her body with her own powers. The second visitor was a unpleasant one, a man with cold eyes seeking revenge wanted to use the fortress to transport his troops and invade Maetropa. Fearing it would bring another war for its homeland, the dragon asked the other visitor for help, however, he was defeated and had to run away. As a last resort, the dragon asked a last favor from the peculiar visitor. The Dragon wanted to die, so it could protect its secret knowledge and its home world. The guardian would be reborn faraway soon with using its powers and the visitor would also get the blood he was looking for. They had a agreement, even so, no one living in Lawsburg accept it. Lawsburg was taken by the enemy but the dragon heritage was safe with its clerics and its successor.


Sometime later, the dragon revived as a baby, there are three possible reincarnations: Milreaf, Lyurm & Corlal.


Not much is known about this characters. Details about the past, personality, even its gender, almost everything is unknown. The reason for this is because the character gets killed before the game’s beginning and there is no flashback about it. This was probably to not cause conflict with the personality of the baby dragon chosen by the player, since the dragon child is actually a reincarnation of it. It probably would be complicated to do 3 versions of this character just for a flashback.


  • The Guardian Dragon share colors with all its three possible reincarnations, the wings are pink, the chest is green and the rest of the body is blue.

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