Important Notes

When choosing your Cross (partner), be aware they gameplay is quite different from each ther. Kagerou has a diagonal attack and is good with power and magic; Spinel has a Ranged Attack and has a very weak physical attack but is the best with magic; Dyth is the safe type warrior, with no real weakness but no special sthrengh; Pariet is the risky type since she has a very powerful attack but very low defence. Everyone has the same story development and their dialogs are very similar.

There is only one way to receive affection points: Doing night talks. Choosing someone during the normal events in the chapter will not increase affection.

There is only one pair of secret characters: Exela & Veloce. To get them you must have at least 1 point of affection with Cyda before the end of chapter 5. It’s also recommended to do all the Extra Braves in fights involving them (it’s okey to do this in the retry option with the Manager). You must have your Karma points at pretty low levels (recommended to be at zero points). They will join your party after the first battle in Chapter 13.

For the first time in the series, there are items that give rank in summon magic when equipped. Those are extremely rare and useful. I recommend to grab at least one for each mage character in your main party.

For each time you finish the game you get a Party Skill that gives more exp for each battle (Hero’s Biography – Chapter 1/勇者の伝記1). The first time you finish it’s 2 times more, the second time gives 3 times more exp, it reaches the maximum 4 times the amount of exp after finishing the game 5 times.

Note That there are two type of endings for each characters: The “Friendship” endings and the “Lovers” Endings. To do a friendship ending it’s necessary at least 3 hearts of affection with a character. To do a Lovers Ending it’s necessary all 5 hearts of affection. To get the first 3 hearts you just have to choose to talk 3 times with a character during a Night Talk Event. However, after the third heart, you will NOT get a new heart for each conversation, you must be loyal and choose only one character through all the gameplay to get the 5 hearts full. Therefore, it’s impossible to do more than one lovers ending in the same playthrough. This end variation doesn’t show in the gallery and a lover ending will replace a friendship ending in the gallery options.

Note that it’s also impossible to do a Lover Ending with Atosh and Exela. Their hearts will not go higher than 3 no matter what you do.

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