Kazuramaru (カズラマル)


Fox Youkai
Voice Actor
Tedzuka Hideaki

"You insolent brats!"

— Kazuramaru

Kazuramaru (カズラマル) is a character from Summon Night 5.


It seemed that he was quite violent during his younger days, but is much more settled down now. He could still get very angry during battles though. Souken admires his Great Grandfather more than anything and affirms that his personality is to not give shame for Kazuramaru's name. However, Kazuramaru has a completely different personality than his great grandson, being a playful oldman who likes to drink Sake and parties. He also tends to admire and like people Souken normally would disapprove, those are, most of times, people with high spirits that are very honest with their emotions and like to have fun. The complete oppositive of his great grandson. When his playful behavior could lead him to not take his responsibility seriously, the only one able to stop him is his wife.


Kazuramaru is a giant Fox Youkai, as well as Souken’s ancestor and Cross. He was very feared in Silturn in the past, to the point where people trembled, just at the mere mention of his name. He eventually got a wife called Kuuko (空狐) and settle down a little to create a family. He later traveled to Lyndbaum to assist his great grandson on his job because he is too overprotective.


Kazuramaru is the character that have less screen time in the game, rarely appearing during the main events, the reason for this being probably because of his size, that is about the same height of a house. Other reason for this is because he is a very important name in the Silturn society, so he can stay in Lyndbaum for long. Fortunately, Souken summons him from there whenever he needs help. He scoulds Souken when he lost his arm fighting against the Nether Beasts, and during this event, Kazuramaru's feelings were of a mere grandfather worried for his grandson, Souken, misunderstood this by thinking it was about duty and honor of the clan. He really takes a liking for Kagerou and even sugests to officially adopt him as part of his clan (even with Souken's complains), Kagerou feels happy by the invitation but refuses it to stay and help the main character.


During Souken's ending, he uses his influence to bring the main character to Silturn together to please his great grandson (so much for Zinzelah's complains).


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