Kir Servolt


Summoner(Lv6), High Summoner(Lv20), Spiritual Summoner(Lv30)
Colorless Faction
Dagger(Vertical Slash), Robe
Summon Affinity
Spirit, Machine(Lv20)
Voice Actor
Nobuyuki Hiyama

Kir is one of the 4 possible partners to befriend the main character in the first Summon Night game.


Kir first appears during the second chapter. He immediately helps the main character in a fight; he is also the one who teaches the gang about the secrets of Summoning. However, he seems to know about the main character’s circumstances, but refuses to answer any questions, making him a very suspicious person. Even so, the protagonist chooses to trust him.

Personal Info

Kir has a hard time relating with those around him. It’s difficult for him to show his emotions, which is why he isn’t good with facial expressions. He is a very quiet person.


A very mysterious young man that suddenly appears before the main character and his friends, he start to live together with the Flat Gang to help the protagonist to find a way back home. Eventually, it’s reveled that he actually is a Summoner from the Colorless Faction and Ordreik’s son. He was directly involved in the ritual that brought the protagonist to Lyndbaum. His objective was to help his father to obtain the Demon Lord’s power and assist him in the creation of a new world. At first he made contact with the group by his father’s orders. He was to observe the main character until further orders, but ends ultimately betraying Ordreik in order to help his new friends.


  • Kir is Touya's equivalent, therefore, he can’t be chosen when playing with Touya.
  • His age is not clear, His character data says only “between 16 to 18”. It’s the same thing with all other partners.
  • In the Summon Night tarot collection, Kir and the other partners represent "The Moon" card.


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