Kohina (コヒナ, Kohina) is one of the minor characters of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. She is a young kunoichi, a female ninja, who appears in the Oni Hot Springs area and was (accidentally) seen by the protagonist and their summon beast while bathing in one of the area's abundant springs when they met. Due to this, she despises the protagonist and repeatedly calls them a "peeping tom", regardless of gender.

Before meeting the protagonist, Kohina was a determined ninja who dared to challenge the legendary Monkey King along with her older brother, Kuuya, to please him. Because of their recklessness, she and Kuuya gained cursed scars as a result from the summon creature's attacks: one in the face for Kuuya and one in the back for Kohina. When the protagonist has Kohina confess her guilt for the incident and apologized to her older brother, he accepted her apology, saying that as an older brother, he vows to not leave Kohina no matter what happens. As a side note, Kohina has a shorter temper and tsundere-ish compared to Kuuya.


  • Kohina is shown to look up to her brother very much and be jealous of anyone who compliments him. Because of this, she may be implied to have an inferiority complex or even Electra complex.

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