Kutty (クッティ, Kutti) makes his home in the "Phantom Beast World" Maetropa, and is a wind-type Summon Creature. He has a hard time being with humans other than his master, and even that is a difficulty. Kutty does not talk like a normal human, only saying "Kutty," his own name, all of the time. Upon being insulted by anyone he punches them, but cannot say exactly what offended him because the only thing he can say is his own name, and is rather touchy. This is also used to cut tension or to bring someone back to their senses (as he does with Bron once during the game). Kutty punches his master the most, seeing as he or she spends the most time with Kutty and is therefore more likely to say the wrong thing. Kutty is able to 'upgrade' swords, axes and knuckles with mystic stones. To get Kutty as your Summon Creature, say the second option to every question asked when obtaining your Summon Beast.

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