Lail clan (ライル一族)
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Nesty, Exia

The Lail clan (ライル一族) is a clan in the Summon Night universe.


The Lail clan is a group of exiled humans originally from Loreilal. They came to Lyndbaum to escape the war on their planet, but since they tried to invade Lyndbaum in the past, they were being rejected everywhere. With no choice other than to live like nomads, running for place to place. They were finally able to find peace of mind for a while with an alliance with the summoners from the Clesment clan. However, their joint project to protect Lyndbaum against the demons invasion resulted in abominations called Geil. The Lail clan wished to gain the trust of the Lyndbaum people by protect them, but they ended up being hunted of imprisoned this time.

Resonance Era

Decedents of the Lail clan made to finally got accepted in this new era. To show their gratitude they shared many technologies with the Lynbaum people and were greatly responsible for big technological advance of this era.

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