Lawsburg (ラウスブルグ)


Beast men, Angels, Youkais
Main Powers
Guardian Dragon
Used by
Guardian Dragon, Enysha, Gian
Fly, Become Invisible, Magic Barrier

Lawsburg (ラウスブルグ, rausuburugu) is a special location and a magical artifact in the Summon Night universe.


During the invasion of Maetropa by demon from Sapureth, a Solstice dragon joined forces with a High Fairy and they created a magical fortress from a magic tree that only grew on Maetropa, this tree was called “Life of Laws”, as such, they decided to call their new castle “Lawsburg” as a tribute to the tree.

In The Game

The fortress was moved to Lyndbaum and, many years later, it was taken over by a group known as Colorless Faction, however, after many conflicts, was finally recovered by the guardian dragon’s successor. It was later relocated back in Maetropa.


With a suitable “pilot”, the castle can fly, become invisible and even use a magical barrier. However, the person in control must have a High Level of Mana. It probably has no attack abilities tough. To be able to use its main ability to travel between worlds, a High Fairy’s help is required.

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