Lemmy (レミィ, Remii) is one of the supporting characters of Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi. He occasionally acts as a rival to the protagonist, as well as being soft towards them at times too (much to their confusion and anger). He is idolized by Zakk. However, he refuses accept the fact that his master, Bostaph, is a man with malicious intent, and stood up for him in every way until the last minute, when the latter punches him across the face (making Lemmy emotionally torn and finally rebel against him). He is Ianna Mortier's son, much to everyone's surprise.


  • If the player visits Lemmy on a Night Walk before Day 10, they will find him and Ianna arguing over a family matter upon leaving Benson's abode.
  • Lemmy has a Summon Beast named Sword Bolt, a Mechanoid, who he summons into battle.

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