Linear (リニア)


Laser gun
Voice Actress
Tanaka Rie

Linear (リニア, rinia) is a character from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa. She is one of the antagonists for the first half of the game.


She is a weird girl with a cynical behavior. She loves to mock other people and is kind of lazy. She also is a dangerous trigger happy.


She was lost in the Boundary of Worlds until she met with Vexar and the two started to travel together. She registered him as her master but was always arguing with him. They two found out about the truth of the world and started to feel despaired. It was when Xana appeared and saved by becoming their Guide. During their journey, Vexar started to treat Xana too well and this made Linear jealous. She brought them to the Tower of Reincarnation, however, they got afraid of becoming someone completely different, feeling it was like dying, so they choose to stay in the boundary of worlds, living eternally as themselves.


They start to notice that Byakuya – Xana’s group – were doing weird activites behind the shadows and discovered Xana was like a different person and she was freezing Attached Ones and sending Wanderers to the tower against their will. They decided to interfere by helping those people and by getting in the way of other Byakuya’s works. Later, they discovered Xana was possessed by a shapeless monster called Exena and the heroes join their team to fight against it. A short time later, Vexar got serious injured fighting against Byakuya members. To cure him, Linear went to look for a sacred healing water in a extremely dangerous place and Vexar begged for the main characters to help her. They were able to find her but she got her leg injured on the way. The protagonists take the water for her but they notice that her way of speaking had changed.

She later explain that her bitter personality is actually just an act she puts in order to look strong so she would never be a hindrance to Vexar, she pretends to be a tough and cold woman but in reality she has fallen in love for Vexar. Since Frarzens are not allowed to yearn for more than a master-servant relationship, she can’t wish for Vexar to see her as a woman, she wants to at least, become a dependable partner for him in the battlefield.

The protagonist tells her that Vexar probably feels the same, but she gets too afraid to confirm this. Later, when the heroes enter in the Tower of Reincarnation, Linear appears alongside Vexar to help them. Exena uses Xanas appearance to make their guard fall, but this only makes them more furious. After the final battle, Linear chooses to remain living in the Boundary of Worlds with Vexar.


  • Linear and Vexar’s relationship is very much like Keina and Forte’s relationship.


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