Loggins (ロギンズ)


Organization Member, Righ-hand Man
Crimson Chain
Voice Actor
Tanaka Tomoichirou

Loggins (ロギンズ, roginzu) is a NPC character from Summon Night 5.


Loggins starts off as a dedicated and proud member of his organization, he respect his superiors very much and always does what he thinks is best for his allies. He suddenly starts to act cocky and almighty by the influence of the experiment in his body.


Loggins is a member of the battle squad of the Crimson Chain branch in Savorle City, He is Atosh's right-hand man, but he doesn't seem to notice this himself. Not even thinking his young boss could have so much respect for him. On the other hand, he does feel a lot of expectation, but thinks this is the same for the other members.


Feeling powerless and frustrated for failing on his last missions, Loggins decides to rely on a experiment made by one of their last clients, Ghift. The results seems to be excelent at first, making him feels much stronger. However, this experiment was, in fact, a possession by a parasite known as Nether Beast. this creature was consuming his host little by little, and eventually, Loggins lose all his senses to become an irrational monster. He is later destroyed by a purifing light released by the Cross of the protagonist. Even after his death, Loggins is still remembered by his Boss, as Atosh thanks the main character for letting him rest in peace by putting a stop to his life as a "tool".


  • After Loggins complete transformation as a Nether soldier, his graphics are used as default for every single humanoid Nether Beast. Even after his death.


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