Leki (レキ, Reki), renamed as Loki in the Atlus localization, is one of the four possible Guardian Beasts in the game Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. He is a brash young demon who is constantly trying to make himself stronger through combat. He has an abundance of self-confidence – perhaps too much – and violence is almost always his first (and only) option. He sees himself as the player's protector and strives to improve his sword skills at every turn. Loki is from the Oni Realm of Silturn. His Element is Fire.



  • Loki mentions in-game that he used to have a friend named Shaw back when he used to live in Silturn. According to the former, the two love to fight, and both have the record of 99 wins and 99 losses in total.
  • According to the protagonist, Loki is actually skilled at singing.
  • If the player looks closely, Loki is the only Summon Beast to have moving sprites during Night Walks.
  • Loki's spell "Burn, Bladey, Burn" is a play on the phrase "Burn, baby, burn".
  • When entering the Glacier Gorge for the first time, Loki is seen to be visibly frightened (as the protagonist points it out). Because of this, it is implied that he may have frigophobia, the term for the intense fear of cold temperatures.