Lowsso Wordein (ロッソ・ウォーデン)


Rebel Summoner

Lowsso Wordein (ロッソ・ウォーデン, roso uooden) is a character that appeared only in the light novel "Summon Night 2 ~ My One And Only Prince".


Lowsso is very arrogant and egoist. He is also very ambitious.


Lowsso was strictly trained so he would to ashame the name of his family, however, he was not able to bear all that heavy training and annoying rules and decided to ran away to make a name for himself. He formed a gang with kids from other noble families like himself. They began to cause trouble around many cities and they were never persued by soldier, the city guard or anyone. That was because the one who tried to acuse them of anything would be punished by their families and all proof would be erased.


Lowsso set his eyes on the prize of the tournament in the capital. Using it he could become King and could even get revenge on his family. By using the secret technique of Summon Equip from his family, he was easily defeating anyone on his path. until the round where he faced the Fortissimo as his next opponent. He saw the masked warrior as a mere joke, but got surprised when Fortissimo used a summon to make his Summon Equip become useless. He starts to lecture Lowsso by saying that something you obtain without effort can't be called true power, since in the case it get lost, there will be nothing left. He also suggest that Lowsso should not just run away from a place where he doesn't fell he fits in and should try to change the place instead until he could feel he belongs there. Fortissimo finishes the fight by punshing Lowsso on the stomach and let him unconscious. Lowsso was later forced to go back to his home together with his older sister.

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