Magical Swords (魔剣)


Created by
Unknown (someone in the Colorless Faction
Used by
Hainel, Ishlar, Summon Night 3 protagonists, students
Regeneration, Physical and Magical Boost, Control Krips

“Magical Swords” or “Demoniac Swords” (魔剣, maken) are a type or special weapons in Summon Night 3 and 5.


Those swords were made as parts to the Colorless Faction’s master plan. They were both made for the same purpose, and have similar powers. They were named Shartos and Crissles. Some time after the main events in Summon Night 3, a replica was also made by a unknown person. It was named Barbarya. During the events in Summon Night 5, yet another magical sword is revealed, being called Verdegruion. This sword is immediately combined with the two original magical swords to form Branryuzell. Every other detail about those swords are a mystery, It’s not even know how many people were needed to create them, not even if they were created by the same person.

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