Manemane (マネマネ天師)


Voice Actor
Imai Akinobu

"Wha..Another me? Oops! How rude of me! sorry for copying you"

— Manemane

Manemane or "Divine expert of mimic" (マネマネ天師, manemane tenshi) is a non-playable character from Summon Night 5.


Always doing pranks but keeping great pride in the "arts of imitation", respecting those who try to follow the same path. It does give the atmosphere of a wise person, so it does in fact fits his position.


A angel living on Crystal Forest. He was the deciple of the Mimic Master from Summon Night 3 and inherited the title of "Mimic Master" from him for have become the most skilled master of the mimic techniques. Since it is always taking the form of other people, no one knows its true form.


During chapter 2, he calls the main party to solve a case about a stolen artifact for curses called Staff of Memories. Manemane could not imagine that a criminal would steal the item since its only use is to restore memories but using Mana. However, Manemane didn't know that a demon was using the Staff in the reverse process, by stealing memories and converting it into Mana. The heroes manage to stop the fiend and retrive the staff. Before returning the item to Manemane, the protagonist's Cross asks to use it to recover the memories from before going to Lyndbaum. Unfortunately, the only memories revived are the ones about yesterday's dinner. From time to time, the Cross would ask to use the staff again since Manemane said it could be a temporaly malfunctioning for it being used by a demon in the wrong, but it was to no avail. Manemane tries to help the Cross by saying the memories could have been sealed for some reason. The angel also thinks about other possibility, but end up restraining itself  from saying it.


  • His japanese name is a play on words, it reads exactly like angel (tenshi) but it changes the kanjis for the "shi" to one meaning master or expert.
  • Just like the Mimic Master found in Summon Night 3, this Manemane gender is also unknown, but judging from its masculine voice, it's probably a male.

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