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  • Hi, welcome to Summon Night Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:SNTA.png page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Well the reason i have placed those full body images there is because i have seen many wikia doing things like that (but it usually is beside the "Appearence" article). And to me it looked good.

      Also if you feel that the image makes the text get squished, we can simply change the size of the image to make the image appear smaller (presently its at 200px).

      As for uploading images, well i have a lot of images for many of the SN series characters with blank BG. Using the Multiple Upload option, i can easily upload them quickly. Also except for the Main Series games, most of the other games don't have that many characters articles (like in SNTA case, there is only 3 articles or in the 3rd GBA game, we only have 2 acharacter articles).

      And for those which have to be edited to get the blank BG, well i can do that (though it would take a bit of time).

      Actually i was thinking of first adding new images with the new edited template for the existing characters and then move on to creating new character pages. But if you want, then i won't add images for the Main series games (though i got all the images of 23 characters with blank bg of the SN2 ds game form the official site).

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    • Well, I will not go all bossy with you by saying what you have to do. I was just preoccupied that it would be a lot of work for you to do, this is why I wanted to let things easier for you by saying not to worry about it. But if you really want to do it, I am in no place to stop you, since it's not like you are doing something wrong.

      About the full body images, I was checking some other wikias and I saw that most have a really huge content list:

      This makes the following sections get more free space, thats why the text doesn't get squished on other wikias. Since this is not the case around this wikia (because there is not so many excuses to add so many sections to all characters), we should use another solution. Although I think that resizing the image so it get smaller should do the trick.

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