Meteora (メテオラ)


Male personality
Mechanical Soldier
Eucross, Noirarm Corporation
Voice Actor
Ookawa Tooru

"Ho Ho Ho! Will you really go into action young master?"
— Meteora

Meteora is a character in Summon Night 5.


Meteora is quite the gentleman, he talks in a very eloquent and elegant manner. He seems to be very proud of Calis and is very happy to be his Cross.


Meteora is a butler that works for the Noirarm family and seems to be very pleased to be working there. He is responsible for taking care of Calis – the family’s successor - ever since he was a baby and refers to him as “young master” (bo-chan). One day, he got damaged but was soon fixed by his master Calis, this became a trigger that made Calis crazy for fixing machines and Meteora is very happy to be reason for that.


Meteora follows his young master during his fight against the criminal organization known as Crimson Chain and eventually against the Nether Beasts invasion. During his missions he tries his best to keep Calis from making a fool of himself but ends up only "dearly protecting him from far away", for this reason, he is acused for being part responsible for his master stupidities and often criticized for not scolding Calis enough. He goes to help cheer Dyth up when his master notice how he was feeling depressed lately. Meteora says so deep philosophical talk to Dyth about the path he carved and makes clear to him that he can always trust himself and those who have been walking on the same path with him. They fought in the final battle together and are finally able to defeat the Nether creatures.


Calis finally decides to quit his job in Eucross to work full time in his family business. Meteora naturally joins him and both work almost non-stop, but are always in full spirit. During Calis day-off, a suddenly work assignment came from nowhere, but seeing how much his master was looking for this day, Meteora takes responsability for the job alone. He later joins Calis in the Café&Bar Star Dock for a music party, where he plays a strange looking Axe-shaped guitar.


  • Meteora is a rare mechanical soldier to not have the usual dash (-) between his name.
  • His name is also one of the very few names that does not end with “LD”.


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