Millisar is a summon beast who worked with Ghardib and Phicra, or as he calls her Miss Phicra. He is somewhat aggressive, and very independent.


Millisar has ice blue hair, wears a dark blue-black uniform, a black cape, and cybernetic gadgets over his ears.


Not much is known about Millisar's past except that he was captured by the humans, and that he has a long relationship with Phicra, and that at the end of the game he lives alongside Reiha and Aldo.


Millisar is the final partner in the game, during his second or third appearance you fight against him.

Fun Facts

  • In the game if Millisar's rank is 1, if you stand around doing nothing for to long he will randomly slightly damage you.


  • "Stop talking like that!"
  • "I had too step it up to win that one."

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