The Mono Shift is a special transformation unique to the Edge Fencers, the only 3 know Edge Fencers are Edgar, Aera, and Graham Colthearts.


The Mono shift throughout the game is activated by using the Red Daemon Gem, however this will also activate when Goura's Energy is nearby or as an AutoDefence method (As shown in the end of the 1st fight with Ryouga). The MonoShift basically enhances the user by giving them an Armor and re-shaping their current Weapon. There is also a Gold Mono Shift only accessible in the Final Boss, its only difference is that it enables the use of magic during MonoShift and the color of the armor is gold.

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 Aug12 19 48 41

Mono Shift in action.

Golden MonoShift in Action

Golden Monoshift


According to the legend, the first Edge Fencer was also the summoner that brought Goura to Lyndbaum, however the summoning ritual ended being a failure and part of Goura's soul entered the Summoner, then through the power of the Daemon Edges (also some other parts of Goura) this Summoner was able to seal Goura away, and thus starting the Edge Fencers.


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