Muga (ムガ)


Voice Actress
Matsuoka Mika

Muga (ムガ) is a character from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa. He also makes a cameo in Summon Night 4.


Much like his master, Muga can be very tricky and smart. He also loves to do pranks. He is much more than a pet, being very responsible, capable and dependable. Even being a demon, he is very loyal to his master.


Muga is Luchell's familiar. He helps her with her shop and loves his job. Since he is Luchell's only friend, she doesn't treat him like a mere familiar, having more of a "partners in crime" type of relationship. Luchell can even trust him to take care of the shop on her place.


Summon Night Ex-These

They start to make business him Leonus and Ainna, two wanderers sharing the same body. They were just some funny fellows that were easy to play tricks with, however, He starts thinking they mighty be nice guys when they give him curry flavored can of summon food. With time, his master also comes to become quite fond of them, at the point that Muga has to confort Luchell when it's time for her to leave them and return to Sapureth.

Summon Night 4

He tags along when his master helps her merchant fellow Mei-Mei to rescue her clients that got trapped in the Tower of Reincarnation by acident. They later go to eat some delicious food in the restaurant on a Inn from Traiul Town.


  • Muga only speaks his own name in a very "Pokemon" fashion. However, Luchell is the only one that, somehow, is able understand him.
  • When he temporaly substitutes Luchell in the shop, he somehow is able to even give information services, meaning that those informations are probably given in a written form.
  • Luchell and Muga are the only characters in Summon Night Ex-These to be actually "alive".
  • Muga and Luchell equivalents from the Astreiz Era are Geroppa and Miss Landlord, respectively.


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