Nagimiya City Ruins (ナギミヤ市遺跡)


Old City, Ancient City.
Lyndbaum, next to Savorle City
Nameless World (Earth)

Nagimiya City Ruins (ナギミヤ市遺跡, nagimiya shi iseki) is an old city in the Resonance Era of the Summon Night universe.


This is actually an entire city that was accidentally(?) transferred to Lyndbaum by a phenomenon disorder during the World Warp War. Its origin is actually from the nameless world, from a country called Japan. When transferred,not only buildings, houses and streets were summoned, but the entire ground below was also warped together. The land fell into Lyndbaum and its ground pierced the fields, creating a very spectacular scene and leaving an incredible scenery. The people from Nagimiya were very disturbed by the event. They felt very miserable and lost in this strange world. After the impact caused by Nagimiya’s landing on Lyndbaum, they miraculously survived, but their city was in no condition for them to live anymore. Fortunately, they were welcomed by the Lyndbaum people and they joined forces to build a new city around their mountains for the two tribes to live together. This city was named Savorle. Nowadays, there are many Nagimiya descendents living in Savorle.


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