Nejiya (ネジャ)


Prankster Demon
His own Gang
Voice Actor
Shiga Katsuya

Nejiya (ネジャ) is a character from Summon Night 5.


He is a simple minded demon with no special skills, doing many silly things. He does have a certain charisma for manage to gather some minor demons to help him.


Nejiya was a weak demon living in Savorle, he dreamed about becoming a admirable demon by spreading terror in the minds of humans and becoming a Overlord. However, he was just too weak to fight against the Silvalier or Eucross.


A group of criminal called "Crimson Chain" suddenly appeared in the city and offered him a magical item stolen from the Crystal Forest called Staff of Memories. According to the information they had, the staff could be used not only to restore memories, but to collect them and convert them into Mana. By doing this, Nejiya became much stronger and finally become closer to his dreams. He even got some followers and they formed a little gang of demons. However, he felt into a trap setted by the Summoners of Eucross by using Cyda as bait. He was beaten by them but did not gave up his ambitions. Moved by his charisma, some of his followers remained by his side. During the Nether Beasts all out attack on Savorle, Nejiya made a change to his tactics and decided to become a "cruel savior" that would save the lives of citizens to make them become indebted with him. This worked as good as it sounds, with Nejiya and his gang becoming a sort of local hero for the little children.

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