Nether Beasts (冥土獣)

SN5-Nether Beast1

Immortality, Super physical strength, Possession.
Notable Members/Users

Nether Beasts (冥土獣, meido jyuu) are a type of monsters from Summon Night 5.


Netherworld Creatures, or simply Nether Beasts, are a type of creatures first introduced in Summon Night 5, hence the ability to call them forth is called Nether Summon Technique (冥土召喚術, meido shoukan jyutsu). They are also known as "Parjion". They are creatures that use powers dip up from the space between worlds called "Netherworld” (冥土, meido). By controlling this power, it’s possible to completely manipulate and change ones soul. This power usually takes the form of a creature soaked in darkness. Those beasts are the manifestation of the underworld power on its most pure form. By fusing it with the body of a living being, it will defile the soul of the host and drown it in darkness changing erasing one soul’s color and making it colorless. It gives incredible power for the user, but also corrupt its soul to the point where it has no control or freedom of its own. Since those netherworld beasts are not bounded with the world, it does not follows any natural rules. Therefore, the host is not even free do die anymore since those creatures will not simply disappear. Even if it gets hurt, it is just a matter of time until it is completely restored. In the past, the only method the heroes of the old era could use to defeat those beasts was to send them back with the same portal used to summon them into Lyndbaum.