The Netherworld (冥土)
Nether Beasts, Entity of Light
Negative World
Main Powers

The Netherworld (冥土, meido) is a world first introduced in Summon Night 5.


The Netherworld, also called Underworld, is a world existing between the dimensions in the Summon Night universe. It's a non-physical realm.


There is only two type of being residing in this world. One of them are called Nether creatures. They are mere negative fragments of souls or impurities that got disconnected from the circle of reincarnation. To purify them and restore them back to the circle of souls, there is a immaterial being of pure energy that can clean all of the Nether Beasts impurities by just coming closer to them with its light. This entity of light is one of the most essential beings in the Summon Night universe, hence it could be considered a god.


  • Since the entity of light has not return to the Netherworld for more than 10 years. The Nether dimension must be a total chaos by the time of the main events in Summon Night 5.
  • The Japanese name for this world sounds exactly like the Japanese pronunciation for "maid" (メイド meido).

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