Ouleng (オウレン)

SN5-Dragon Princess

Dragon Princess
Solstice Dragon(?)
Silvalier, Special Duty Division Commander, Silturn Royal family
Voice Actress
Sawashiro Miyuki

"As one would expect from a land where many souls gather. Everytime I visit, there is a new great event. Honestly! I could never become bored"

— Yeng-hua

Ouleng (オウレン, Ouren) is a NPC character from Summon Night 5.


She is very confident of herself and is pretty arrogant. It's only the Saver that is able to treat her like a normal woman (She is actually treated like a child). For some reason, she doesn't like to be called by her name, prefereing the alias "Dragon Princess" (, ryuu hime).


She is one of the most influencial people from Silturn, working as a special agent in important events. To assist her in this job, she created a special division within the Silvalier composed only of elite female agents to become her personal knights (The reason for it to be a female-only group being just because of her personal taste). 


She send Yeng-hua - her most trusted knight - to Savorle to keep an eye on the protagonist who has connections with the criminal Erst. Feeling something bad was about to happen, she also travel to the multidimensional community bringing the royal treasure Ukaouka (雨下櫻香), but she ends up being welcomed by thieves trying to steal the artifact from her. She gets rid of them by simply burning them with her electric powers. She later stay in the Eucross HQ but not before she visits the replica of the legendary fountain of youth that exist in the city.

She later helps during the Nether Beasts attack and rewards Yenh-hua with the Ukaouka when she shows her growth by lefting Ouleng's division to follow the main character in the final battle.


  • She is said to be the Dragon Princess that Seilong from Summon Night 4 was looking for.
  • It is now believed that she has the biggest bust size in the series.
  • She is the only character in the entire game that had a poor impression of the protagonist. Even criticizing the great principal and Yeng-hua for trusting "such a mediocre vassal".