Primo (プリモ)


Phantom Beast
Voice Actress
Koiwai Kotori


— Primo

Primo (プリモ, Purimo) is a character from Summon Night 5.


A very energetic beast that loves to eat.


Primo is a phantom beast and is Ruelly Kamishiro’s Cross. They had a kind of a “fated meeting” and became friends since then. They form a great team since both are big gluttons. Some say his appetite is as big as Ruelly's, although many doubt this.


He first appears during Chapter 05 when he, Ruelly and Noe got captured. Later, he manages to make a resonance pact with Ruelly and she starts to understand what he says. They buy time enough for the main party get in time to recue them. Primo stay as Ruelly's Cross and the two start a training period to become official members of the Eucross.


  • Even though in his character bio is given emphasis to the fact he eats a lot, There is no scene in the actual game where this is made important. Probably one of the many contects that end up being cuted from the final product.


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