Radylia (ラディリア)


Eucross Bureau
Voice Actress
Horie Yui

"Geez! It can't be helped, right? It's only for this time, was I clear enough?"


Radylia (ラディリア, Radiria) is a non-playable character from Summon Night 5. She is also known by the aliases: Manager (マネージャー, Manējā) or Miss Administrator (管理官さん, kanrikan-san).


She is normally very positive and incentivizes the heroes during missions. However, should the player fails too much, she will start to show her strict side and will criticize the characters for their actions.


Radylia is one of many Frarzen made by order to work for the Eucross bureau. Every model created for this order were based on a single exceptional Frarzen unit from the old Era, that became known as Mother since them. Since Radylia would be the leader of those new Frarzens, she received the appearence of someone very loved by the Mother. Since them, Radylia works as a operator by using a gigantic computer system in the Eucross HQ Ever since the agenst there started to nickname her as "Manager", for some reason, she seems to be embarrassed of her true name and only tells it for those she really trust (It's only after clearing at least 10 missions that the main character gets to heard it). Her gentle personality made she being loved by everyone she works with. Thanks to her behavior she is also known as “Miss Administrator”.


She is a substitute for Mei-Mei. She provides options like giving retries to event battles and also giving mission battles that are the equivalents to the Endless Halls battles. After clearing 5 missions in the Eucross HQ, she will promisse a reward to the protagonist if he does even better, and after completing 20 Missions, she will give her ID code so she can be summoned as a Summon Cluster, becoming the strongest Loreilal Summon Cluster in the game. Her "attack" is to activate a giant laser beam from a satellite, so, technically, it should not be necessary to summon her to the battlefield (unless there is no aim system in the satellite).


  • Her name is a simple anagram to Ardylia, all it needs is to switch the first and second letters.


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