Raijin (ライジン)


Thunder God, Oni Master
Fuurai Town
Voice Actor
Sugino Tanuki

"I can't brag about this too loudly, RIGHT?!! GAHAHAHA!!!"

— Raijin

Raijin (ライジン) is a non-playable character from Summon Night 5.


He is always energetic and talking very loudly. He have a strong sense of justice and duty. He also treats his diciples as his own sons and always tries to do what he thinks is the best to them.


Raijin is a High level Oni that lives in Fuurai Town - a Silturn colony in Savorle City. He is the master of a doujo and is especially known for his monstrous body and voice. It's being already a long time since he retired, but his powers and techniques are as powerful as they were when he was young. His nickname is "Oni Master". He became the master of many talented people from Savorle, including Abert, to who he tought the art of the Shinobi (even tough Raijin doesn't look like someone who would be a good ninja).


Even tough he is the master of the ace in the Silvalier from the Savorle Branch, he didn't approved Abert abilities just yet, normally calling him "useless" and treating him like a fool. He does however recognize the divine talent possessed by the main character and often calls him to chat loudly about trivial things like they were good old friends. He also entrust the protagonist with many important jobs and order Abert to tag along so he could learn a trick or two. He finally recognize the strength of his own diciple near the end of the game story, when Abert is willing to leave his job as a Sivalier to help the main character, he accepts Raijin's challenge when the latter threats to kill him, even knowing that his techniques would hardly even work against the one who taught them to him in the first place. Impressed by his spirit, Raijin let his diciple leave and gets full of pride and excitement, that he uses to destroy a enemy that just happened to be walking around his Doujo.


Raijin is enabled as the strongest Silturn's Summon Cluster once the player clears Mission No.30 in Eucross HQ, avaliable from chapter 11 onwards.


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