Rico (リコ)


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Rico (リコ, riko) is a NPC character from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa.


A very cheerful and innocent little girl. She is very dedicated and caring


Rico lives on the Tsuerze village. She is a kind girl loved by everyone in the village.


She was on her way to visit her sick grandmother. She believed that her company would make her grandmother feel better. However, the forest she had to cross was filled with monsters. It was when she first met the protagonists who helped her get to her destination. Many days later she met with the main characters again but couldn’t remember them anymore. She got a little scared of having strange people talking like they knew her, but soon she started to think it was just a prank pulled by one of her friends. Since they looked like nice people she told them she was planning to visit her sick grandmother. This was the first event that made Leonus and Ainna realize the truth about the world. Rico is actually a spirit taken from the natural circle of reincarnation. She must become a stronger soul in order to reincarnate again. To do that she first need to recognize the harsh reality where she lives and face it. It’s very likely that her grandmother has something to do with what she has to get over.


  • Rico also makes a appearance on the Summon Night Ex-These promotional manga from Jump Heroes.

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